‘Puppy is ready for her first breakup,’ one person said about the clip of the puppy caught on camera listening to Easy On Me

Adele has become a household name since her first album was released back in 2008, and her new single Easy On Me smashed streaming records when it was released last month.

But it’s not just us humans who are avid listeners – even dogs love the singer’s latest work, as this heart-melting video shows.

The video posted on TikTok by @pippa_williams01 shows 9-week-old cockapoo Pippa hearing the star’s music for the first time, and the puppy has an unexpected reaction.

When the first notes of Easy on Me begin to belt out from a nearby Amazon Echo, commonly known as Alexa, the pup looks around in surprise as if trying to work out where the sudden new sound is coming from.

Pippa then wanders over and peers at Alexa – but as soon as she hears Adele begin to sing, the pup immediately seems enthralled by the soothing sound.

She then plonks herself down in front of Alexa to listen intently to the rest of the tune.

“Baby girl just starting out in life and Adele already got her in the feels,” one person said of the adorable clip.

“Puppy is ready for her first breakup,” another commenter added, in a nod to Adele’s music famously being the go-to for anyone who’s had their heart broken.

This isn’t the first time that a dog has been caught listening to an Alexa – one springer spaniel was even accidentally taught a trick by the virtual assistant.

Finley has learned that when the timer sounds on Alexa it’s dinnertime for his owners, which means it’s time for him to go to his bed.

The pup knows the drill, and can be seen trotting straight to his bed the moment the Alexa timer sounds in the cute TikTok clip.