A woman has shared her dating experience with a man described as a ‘walking red flag’ who asked to move in after the first date and started following her every move

A woman was left bemused after going on a date with a ‘walking red flag’ who asked to move in after their first meeting and started stalking her a short while later.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said that she agreed to go on a date with the man and while there he organised three more dates for later in the week, and started talking about booking a winter holiday.

The woman was shocked by the man’s behaviour but was polite and stayed for the rest of the date and gave him one more chance, but then cancelled all further meetings he had planned.

The man then stepped it up a notch, saying he wanted to meet her kids, admitted he was ‘stalking’ her Facebook account, and then when she went out for a meal with friends he rang the restaurant and paid the bill for them.

The anonymous woman said: “I met this guy two weeks ago. After our first date, he planned three more dates for that same week and planned something for my birthday which is a month away.

“That’s a lot for a mum with a full-time job and kids at home. I wound up blowing off the third date out of pure exhaustion and wanting to see my kids more than him, and then I really blew off the fourth date when he started to creep me out.

“He wanted to plan a vacation before Christmas, he wanted to meet my kids already, he openly told me that he was stalking my Facebook account.

“Last Friday I went out to dinner with my girlfriends and he called the restaurant and paid for the entire bill, then told me that my friend should like him because they are the same nationality… which he found out from Facebook.

“The next morning he started texting extremely early telling me how excited he was to see me that night. Then he asked if he could rent an apartment from me so he could spend more time with me.

“That’s when my stomach started to really turn. Next, he offered to pay my rent. This is a man I have known for two weeks, have never even kissed, and probably spent only five hours in person with.”

After sharing her story on Reddit, other users were quick to comment their advice – and most told the woman to run a mile.

One said: “This guy sounds like a walking red flag. So he’s already stalking your FB? Wonderful- maybe let your friends know in advance as this guy may contact them and continue to stalk and harass you.

“If he’s got your social media and other contact details block and delete. You don’t owe an explanation as whatever you say will probably be an excuse to keep the convo going.

“Put your foot down and just cut contact.”

And another added: “This person sounds mentally unstable. I would absolutely tell him no and block. The problem isn’t ‘it’s a lot for a mum working full time etc’. The problem is it’s unhealthy behaviour and it’s called ‘love bombing’. It’s common behaviour for domestic violence predators.”