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New York Regional Interconnect Evidentiary hearings

Three years ago New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI) announced plans to build a 190 mile long high voltage power line which would run from Marcy in Herkimer country through the heart of Central New York and down to the Rock Tavern substation. The NYRI application was initially filed in May 2006 but not ruled complete until August 2008. NY State has one year to review the proposal. Many in the Colgate community and in the township of Hamilton will be affected by the power lines should NYRI’s proposal be approved by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC).

For back ground information see:

NYRI’s web site http://www.nyri.us/

Communities Against Regional Interconnect (CARI) http://www.caricoalition.org/

Stop NYRI webiste http://www.nyri.info/info.htm

Here you will find includes video of the Public Service Commission public hearings which were held at Colgate on October 20th, 2008. Pre-hearing testimony filed by all parties is also available of the PSC website http://www.dps.state.ny.us/fileroom.html

This week there will be important evidentiary hearings on the NYRI proposal. The hearings, which begin this Monday at 10:30 can be view on the NYS Public Service Commission web site at

http://www3.dps.state.ny.us/or the New York Admin site http://www.newyorkadmin.com/cgi-bin/nypsc.cgi