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April Fool’s

NPR’s at it again. Every April 1st, my husband and I listen intently to Morning Edition to see how quickly we can identify their April Fool’s story. It’s done straight; indeed they get mail from outraged listeners who miss the joke. This year, they got us – two stories, not one!

You haven’t missed out on the fun. Not only do we link you to today’s stories, but you can use LexisNexis Academic to read transcripts of favorites from the past. Can you find the missing story (April 1, 2008) in Radio & TV Transcripts in  LN Academic? Find the story and get your name on our blog!

2009 Pro Sports Team Mascots

2009 The Economist opens a Theme Park

2007 Cell phones in N.Y. city

2006 A Perilous Encounter with the i-Bod

2005 Exploding maple trees

2004 Portable Zip Code

2003 Meigs Field, Chicago

2002 Universial Health Care for Pets

2001 Advertising on the Moon

1999 Speech recognition technology for dogs

1998 Boston Celtics or Keltics?