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ConnectNY Ebook collection

ConnectNY has contracted with Ebooks Corporation Limited (EBL ) to provide a collection of e-books for a consortium-wide patron demand-driven acquisition program. 12,470 records were recently loaded into our local catalog and are ready for your use.  To see all the titles in the collection search for “EBL e-book library”.  Here is quick guide to using these books.  A more thorough description of publisher content and FAQ document is available here.

Other ebook collections may be found on the web page "Ebooks Available to Colgate".

Borrow from the Center for Research Libraries

CU librarians collaborated through ConnectNY to provide Colgate students, faculty, and staff access to CRL materials —  over four million newspapers, journals, dissertations, archives, government publications, and other traditional and digital resources for research and teaching.  All records have been loaded into the ConnectNY union catalog.  Find out about what is available to borrow or to access digitally at  exlibris.colgate.edu/help/guides/center-for-res-lib.html