Colgate Libraries blog policy


‘gateway is the Colgate University Libraries blog. It is written collaboratively, by library faculty and staff, to share our services, our successes, and information related to our space within our community.


‘gateway provides a transparent method for two way communication between the libraries and our patrons. ‘gateway is a creative, fluid and dynamic space with news & events items shared/posted by many library faculty & staff and commented on by many patrons.

Policy and procedure

Blog policies will be available publicly on the About the libraries page. Disclaimers to the blog will be available on the blog sidebar as well.

1. Blogging:

Who can blog?

All librarians and some library staff (designated Circulation staff and Office Administration) have permissions to create blog content (entries), following the guidelines listed below.

What kind of content?

Bloggers should not hesitate to add entries of an informational nature, relating to our physical and digital space.

Examples might be:
•    The west side elevator is out of order
•    Ebscohost is down until further notice
•    New material
•    New interface

Bloggers may also wish to add entries of an editorial nature, for example, a report on an event at the library or a review of a new resource. We encourage this type of content with the understanding that the blog represents the library as a whole. Blog entries are expected to be professional and to reflect well on the library and the university.

Blog entries that respond to community concerns will go to a blog administrator for approval before being published.

In addition, we will include this disclaimer on the blog sidebar:

Unless otherwise noted as an “Official statement”, ‘gateway contains the personal opinions of the bloggers, which do not necessarily reflect the views of the libraries or Colgate University.

Bloggers will ensure their entries use proper grammar and correct spelling before publishing.
Bloggers are encouraged to fact-check and cite sources before publishing entries.

2. Commenting:

Who can comment?

All readers are encouraged to comment. To limit spam, we ask that they provide an email address and/or respond to a CAPTCHA (depending on blog software capabilities).

What is the responsibility of the bloggers in response to comments?

Bloggers are responsible for and encouraged to reply to comments to their entries, in the form of a comment.
Besides spam, only comments of a derogatory nature or extremely offensive language will be removed from the blog.

The blog will include a disclaimer to alert commenters to our policies:

The authors reserve the right to delete any comments deemed offensive, fraudulent, or blatant advertisements.

Comments are not to be moved from the associated entry. It is assumed that if a commenter is invested, they will return to where they commented to look for further communication on the topic. The library may wish to aggregate like comments in a separate place or respond to a comment with a new entry (if it felt that there is a more universal interest) and we may do so by copying the content and leaving the original.

A disclaimer should read:
The authors reserve the right to use comments in other venues as appropriate.

3. Administering:

Who are the administrators?

Members of the Web Development Committee, 2 designated members of the Reference & Instruction Committee and the University Librarian are the administrators to the blog. The Learning Commons Librarian will be the point person in administering the blog.

What are their responsibilities?

All administrators check for unanswered comments at their leisure, although it is recommended that administrators check in to the blog at least once a week in their capacity as administrator (not blogger). If there is a comment needing an answer, and no answer has been provided by the original blogger, than an administrator may provide one in their stead.
When necessary, administrators will edit blog content for grammar, spelling and format errors only.

* In addition, the University Librarian or her designate approves “Official Statement” entries.

** In addition, the Web Development Committee watches for technical glitches, fixes them when possible or alerts the appropriate party when not possible.


‘gateway content is governed by the creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike 3.0 license. A link will be included on the blog sidebar.


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