New Photo Exhibit on Tanzania

Stella Yoh, Class of 2014 has curated a wonderful exhibit of the African photography of Peter Stanley. To quote from her introduction: "Hapa na Pale (“here and there” in Swahili) is an exhibition aimed at challenging the preconceived notions of “Africa,” by focusing on one African country, Tanzania, and honestly reflecting the authentic daily lives of the people. Captured in photos by freelance photographer Peter Stanley, the exhibition delivers a non-distorted version of Tanzania. The photos can be divided into mainly 4 categories: the urban scenes of the capital city Dar es Salaam; the rural scenes of Inner Tanzania; photos of the Masaai tribe; and photos of the Island of Zanzibar." The exhibit can be viewed on the fifth floor of Case Geyer. While you are here check out the exquisite display of John Gould’s images of hummingbirds from around the world. That exhibit is on the second floor of Case Geyer.

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