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Locating Articles in Journals
Bibliography of Native North Americans Restricted Access
Coverage: 1586-present. Citations to books and journal articles on the Native Peoples of North America published from the sixteenth century to the present.

Academic Search Premier Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1975-present (with selected older titles). A multi-disciplinary database with significant full-text. Covers information in nearly every area of academic study. Indexes 4,600 journals (of which 3,900 are peer-reviewed)

America: History and Life Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1964-present. A resource for studying the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from prehistory to the present.

Historical Abstracts Restricted Access
Historical Abstracts covers the history of the world (excluding the United States and Canada) from 1450 to the present, including world history, military history, women`s history, history of education, and more.

Anthropological Literature Restricted Access
Coverage: 19th century-present. A bibliographic index to articles and essays on anthropology and archaeology, including art history, demography, economics, psychology, and religious studies.

Anthrosource Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: varies. Complete archive of all American Anthropological Association journals; current issues of 11 AAA journals.

International Bibliography of the Social Sciences Restricted Access
Coverage: 1951-present. Indexes and asbstracts social science and interdisciplinary research. For book reviews, search title of book and REVIEW in Publication Type.

eHRAF World Cultures Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1997-present. Contains ethnographic collections covering all aspects of cultural and social life with a strong emphasis on non-Western cultures. eHRAF is unique in having subject indexing at the paragraph level. This allows detailed and precise searching for concepts not easily found with keywords.  Ethnographic documents in eHRAF include culture-specific books, journal articles, and dissertations. A tutorial on searching can be found at

First Nations Periodical Index Restricted Access
Coverage: varies. Contains journals of mainly Canadian Native content, providing access to information about First Nations.

JSTOR Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: varies. Includes over one thousand leading academic journals as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work. Journals are always included from volume 1, issue 1 and include previous titles. For most JSTOR titles, the most recent years of publication are not covered.  If you want the most recent scholarship on a topic, you should probably try another database.  However, current issues for more than 150 journals are available on JSTOR as part of the Current Scholarship Program.

C19 the Nineteenth Century Index Restricted Access
Provides integrated access to 13 bibliographic indexes including Poole's Index, the Wellesley Index, Periodical Index Online, British Periodicals Collections I and II, and British 19th century Parliamentary Papers

Humanities & Social Science Index Retrospective Restricted Access
Coverage: 1907-1984. Allows search of a wide range of important journals in the humanities and social sciences.
Full text Newspapers
Ethnic NewsWatch Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1960-present. A database of newspapers, magazines and journals from ethnic, minority and native presses.

Post Standard (Syracuse) Restricted Access Some full text available
1986-current. Local and regional news. Excluded: articles not written by the post-Standard staff (e.g. AP newswire reports, articles reprinted from other newspapers); paid advertisements.
Newspapers, Historical
America's Historical Newspapers Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1690-1922. Includes more than 1,000 U.S. historical newspapers published between 1690 and 1922, including titles from all 50 states. (formerly called Early American Newspapers, Series I through VII)

New York Times -Proquest Historical Newspapers Restricted Access Some full text available
1851 - 3 years ago. This database offers full-text and full-image articles for New York Times dating back to the 19th century. The collection includes digital reproductions of every page from every issue--cover to cover--in downloadable PDF files.
Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today Restricted Access Some full text available
Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today features subjects commonly discussed, including reservations, poverty, sovereignty, casinos, taxation, the problem of solid waste on reservations, and the lives of urban Indians, among other contemporary issues.

Native America : a state-by-state historical enctclopedia Restricted Access Some full text available
While various attempts to document Native American history in the United States have been made, rarely have Indians been considered in relation to the individual states which they inhabited both before and after statehood.

Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes CASE Ref. E77 .G15 1998 Restricted Access
This four volume encyclopedia offers detailed studies of tribes from the United States and Canada. Topics covered include history, religion, art, government, economy, daily life and current social and political issues.

Native time : a historical time line of native America CASE Ref. E98.C55 F73 1995 Restricted Access
Imprint New York : St. Martin\'s Press, 1995

Encyclopedia of American Indian history Case Ref E77 .E48 2008 Restricted Access
An excellent four volume overview of key issues in American Indian History edited by Bruce E. Johansen, Barry M. Pritzker. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2008

Native America in the twentieth century : an encyclopedia CASE Ref. E76.2 .N36 1994 Restricted Access
New York : Garland Pub., 1994

Handbook of North American Indians CASE Main E76.2 .H36 Restricted Access
Washington : Smithsonian Institution : Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., 1978-2006.

Encyclopedia of American Indian Removal Restricted Access Some full text available
Contains primary documents regarding Indian removal and examines specific information about political debates, Indian responses to removal policy, and removals of individual tribes.

ABC-CLIO companion to the Native American rights movement [electronic resource] Restricted Access Some full text available
This comprehensive reference source follows the history of efforts to preserve and recover the civil rights of American Indians in the United States

Encyclopedia of United States Indian policy and law CASE Ref. KF8205 .E49 2009 Restricted Access
Published in 2009 by CQ Press, this two volume encyclopedia does an excellent job of summarizing key events and landmark legislation. Lengthy articles are followed by a short bibliography.

Treaties with American Indians: An Encyclopedia of Rights, Conflicts, and Sovereignty Restricted Access Some full text available
2007 ed. This reference reveals the long, often contentious history of Native American treaties, providing a rich overview of a topic of continuing importance.

Native Americans and Political Participation: a reference handbook Restricted Access Some full text available
2005 ed. Covers Native American government, political participation, and political theory spanning 1,000 years.

American Indian Religious Traditions: an encyclopedia Restricted Access Some full text available
2005 ed. Combining the work of Native Americans and non-Native scholars, this work explores indigenous North American religions, religious practices, and rituals.

Handbook of Native American Mythology Restricted Access Some full text available
2004 ed. Explores the network of Native American mythologies, from Hopi kachina dolls to totem poles.

Creation Myths of the World Restricted Access Some full text available
2009 ed.   The most comprehensive resource available on creation myths from around the world—their narratives, themes, motifs, similarities, and differences—and what they reveal about their cultures of origin.

Continuum encyclopedia of native art : worldview, symbolism, and culture in Africa, Oceania, and North America CASE Ref. - E98.A7 W49 2000 Restricted Access
Focuses on symbols, meanings, and significance of art in indigenous cultures in Africa, Oceania, and Native North America.

Encyclopedia of Native American Music of North America Restricted Access Some full text available
Encyclopedia of Native American Music of North America documents the surprisingly varied musical practices among North America's First Peoples, both historically and in the modern context. Showcases the innovative ways First Nations musicians are drawing on their traditional musical practices to create their own expressions in hip hop, jazz, blues, symphonic compositions, and many other genres

Native American literatures : an encyclopedia of works, characters, authors, and themes Restricted Access Some full text available
1999 ed. The earliest Native American writers wrote tribal histories or autobiographical accounts. This encyclopedia covers the diverse range of Native American writers.

Encyclopedia of Prehistory CASE Ref. GN710 .E53 2001 vol. 1-9 Restricted Access
The Encyclopedia of Prehistory, (Kluwer Academic/Plenum, c2001-c2002) contains regionally organized entries on each major archaeological tradition and is a comprehensive overview of human history from two million years ago to the historic period.  Volume six covers North America.

Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450 Restricted Access Some full text available
2006 ed. A comprehensive resource on the subject of colonialism, tracing many facets of the history of colonial growth and imperialism. Also addresses the ideology and theories behind colonialism and imperialism, and the major issues at the core of the debate on colonialism and its consequences.

Atlas of the North American Indian CASE Ref. E77 .W24 2000 Unrestricted Access
Edition Rev. ed Imprint New York : Facts On File, c2000
American Indian sovereignty and law : an annotated bibliography CASE Ref. KF8201.A1 A44 2009 Unrestricted Access
Lanham, MD : Scarecrow Press, 2009.
Biographical Information
American National Biography Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 900-present. This is the authoritative biographical source for Americans who died prior to 1996.

American Indian biographies CASE Ref. E98 .A46 2005 Restricted Access
Edition Rev. ed Imprint Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, c2005

Notable Native Americans CASE Ref. E89 .N67 1995 Restricted Access
Detroit : Gale Research, c1995

Native American Women : a biographical dictionary CASE Ref. E98.W8 B38 2001 Restricted Access
Edition 2nd ed Imprint New York : Routledge, 2001
Statistical record of Native North Americans CASE Ref. E98.P76 S73 1993 Unrestricted Access
Detroit : Gale, c1993
Tribal names of the Americas :|bspelling variants and alternative forms, cross-referenced Case Ref E54.5 .C55 2009 Unrestricted Access
This 2009 book is an index of tribal names collected from printed sources. Each entry includes tribal name, the "parent group" or ancestral tribe, original source for the tribal name, and approximate location of the name in the original source material".  It is an excellent resource for comprehensive searching.

Historical Dictionary of Native American movements CASE Ref. E93 .L43 2008 Unrestricted Access
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2008

Historical Dictionary of Early North America CASE Ref. E35 .W475 2005 Unrestricted Access
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2005

Historical Dictionary of Ancient South America CASE Ref. F2229 .G54 2008 Unrestricted Access
Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2008
Government Information
ProQuest Congressional Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: varies. Indexes the United States Congressional Serial set and other publications of the U.S. Congress, including committee prints and hearings, and the Congressional Record. The Serial Set (CU owns in paper) is a treasure-trove of historical materials about the country, including foreign relations. Also includes stories from the Washington Post, Roll Call, and The Hill; and links to hot bills/topics and other websites.

Guide to American Indian documents in the Congressional Serial Set, 1817-1899 : a project of the Institute for the Development of Indian Law CASE Ref. E93 .J622 1977 Restricted Access
This is a key index to documents about Native Americans published by Congress from 1817-1899. This information can be hard to find in ProQuest Congressional.

Meriam Report on Indian Administration and the Survey of Conditions of the Indians in the U.S. Restricted Access Some full text available
This collection comprises two sets of documents that helped the response to 40 years of failed Native American policies. The first is the full text of the report entitled The Problem of Indian Administration, better known as the Meriam Report. The second comprises the 41-part report to the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs detailing the conditions of life and the effects of policies and programs enacted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs on Native Americans.

ARTstor Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: varies. A repository of hundreds of thousands of digital images and related data, with unique tools to actively use those images for teaching, learning and research.

AP Images Restricted Access Resource contains images
Coverage: 1840-present. The photo archive for the Associated Press has over 500, 000 images dating from 1844 to the present and covering a wide range of events and locations.

HarpWeek Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1857-1912. Electronic access to Harper`s Weekly, America`s leading 19th century illustrated newspaper. Includes the ability to search for a wide variety of articles, ads, illustrations, fiction.
Primary Sources
[see also "Newspapers, Historical" ]

American Indian and the United States; a documentary history [compiled by] Wilcomb E. Washburn CASE Ref. E93 .W27 1973 vol. 1-4 Unrestricted Access
This is an important primary source covering the `Reports of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs`, Congressional debates on Indian Affairs, the texts of treaties, acts, ordinances, and proclamations, and legal decisions affecting Native Americans from the 1700`s up through 1973. A map of Indian Land cessions 1776-1945 is included at the end of the set. A second copy of this title is located in Case Main.

Sabin Americana Restricted Access
Sabin Americana, 1500–1926 is the most comprehensive collection of works about the Americas from the time of discovery through 1926. It is based on Joseph Sabin's famed bibliography, Bibliotheca Americana. The books in the collection have been sourced from a variety of libraries, including The Huntington Library, Yale University, American Antiquarian Society and the Library of Congress.

Americas Historical Imprints. Series I, Evans 1639-1800 Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1639-1800. Digitized from one of the most important collections ever produced on microform, this has been hailed as a definitive resource for researching every aspect of 17th- and 18th-century America.

Americas Historical Imprints. Series II, Shaw-Shoemaker 1801-1819 Restricted Access Some full text available
Provides a comprehensive set of American imprints published in the early part of the 19th century, including many state papers and early government materials which chronicle the political and geographic growth of the developing American nation.

HarpWeek Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1857-1912. Electronic access to Harper`s Weekly, America`s leading 19th century illustrated newspaper. Includes the ability to search for a wide variety of articles, ads, illustrations, fiction.

Iroquois Indians : a documentary history of the diplomacy of the Six Nations and their League LASR E99.I7 I73 1984 Reel 1-50 Restricted Access
This microfilm research collection contains important primary source material about the Iroquois. A guide to the set can be found in the Media Listening/Viewing area. Ask for assistance from the Reference desk.

Jesuit relations and allied documents; travels and explorations of the Jesuit missionaries in New France, 1610-1791; the original French, Latin, and Italian texts, with English translations and notes. Edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites. Cleveland, Burrows Bro CASE Special Coll 971 J49 vol. 1-73 Restricted Access Some full text available

Book Review Digest Case Ref Z1219.C95 Unrestricted Access
Coverage: 1905-2004/05.  Indexes and excerpts reviews of books written in English and published in the U.S. and Canada. More selective than Book Review Index. Arranged alphabetically by author; subject and title indexes. Search year of publication and the year following publication.

Book Review Index Restricted Access
Coverage: 1965-present. Indexes reviews in magazines and scholarly journals.
Web Sites
Selected links to Native web sites Unrestricted Access Some full text available
Free web sites selected by Colgate librarians.

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