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1. Getting started
Beginning Research at Colgate Unrestricted Access
This site can help you navigate the new and different expectations you will encounter when doing research at the college-level. The site provides basic information you will need to know right away when you start doing research, as well as important advice, explanations, and useful strategies.

Get a head start on your Research Project by using Subject-Specific Encyclopedias. They can help you identify a good topic or develop a research question.

Koreas Restricted Access Some full text available
2009 ed.   Presents an authoritative and unprecedented look at the contrasts and similarities between the history, geography, politics, economy, culture, and society of North Korea and South Korea. It offers a wealth of new insights into North Korean life, as well as extensive explorations of Korean music, arts, language, cuisine, and popular culture, including the "Korean wave,” which began with the export of Korean television dramas to other parts of Asia and has spread South Korean culture around the world. Also included are sections on women's history and roles, class and ethnicity, and a wide range of contemporary issues.

Encyclopedia of Modern Asia Restricted Access Some full text available
2004 ed. Emphasizes people, places, events, and developments that have had a lasting influence on Asia, also covering Asian relations with Western nations, the relations between nations within Asia, and also the flow of people, goods, and ideas within Asia and globally.

2. Secondary Sources (Scholarly Articles)
Be sure to look for Peer-Reviewed or Scholarly articles

Academic Search Premier Restricted Access Some full text available Great for a starter search

JSTOR Restricted Access Some full text available Lots of Peer-Reviewed materials

Bibliography of Asian Studies Restricted Access Everything you need to know about Asian Studies
Books: Search the Library Catalog
3. Primary Sources (Newspapers and Data)
Access World News - International Edition Restricted Access Some full text available

Digital National Security Archive Restricted Access Some full text available Resource contains audio
1940`s to present. A collection of declassified government documents, arranged into collections. Each collection, compiled by top scholars and experts, covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century.

IMF eLibrary Data (International Financial Statistics only) Restricted Access Some full text available
Coverage: 1900-present. Provides time series data for balance of payments,banking, exchange rates, interest rates, employment, and other economic concepts. (note: there are multiple libraries of data at the IMF eLibrary site - Colgate only subscribes to the International Financial Statistics - we do not subscribe to the other data libraries)

Data (World Bank) Unrestricted Access Some full text available

National Atlas of Korea Case REF: G2330 .N38 2009 Unrestricted Access
The National Atlas of Korea is a collection of maps with geographic information which reflects the nature, environment, history, culture, politics, economy, science and technology of Korea.  Includes maps of deaths caused by Heavy Rainfall, Deaths Caused by Typhoons, Average number of Rooms per Household, and Number of Retail establishments per 1,000 people
4. Communicating Research
Citation & Style Guides Unrestricted Access
Online information about commonly used citation and style guides, e.g., MLA, APA, etc., Refworks, and a list of print guides available in the Colgate Libraries.

Diana Hacker's Research and Documentation Online Unrestricted Access Some full text available
Free online version of Hacker's famous guide to citing research. Excellent resource, and works as a great online addition to the Writer's Guide.

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